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My child has never played football.  Is that a problem?

No.  We welcome new players.  We are a program that stresses the proper techniques for tackling, blocking, passing, running, and kicking.  These are taught each and every practice.  We love working with new players and strive to teach the proper way to play football.

What ages do you accept?

For the Middle School program we will accept youth age 11 through age 14.  

For the High School program we will accept youth age 14 through age 18.  

Ages are measured as of August 1st of the football season. 

Does it matter where I go to school?

No.  We accept all players from public school, charter school, private school or home school.  We strive to be a program where ALL youth can play no matter where you go to school.

I am worried about school.  How much time commitment is needed for football?

At Revolution-Football we understand everyone is busy and sometimes it is very difficult to prioritize everything.  We believe priority should be God, family, school, football in that order. 


Therefore, we have adopted the following practice/game commitments:

  • High School - During the school season, we will practice three days a week plus the game day.  Prior to the start of games there will be practice 4 days a week.

  • Middle School - During the school season, we will practice two days a week plus the game day.

We run a very efficient practice so are able pack in a lot of training and work without practicing every day in the week.  This allows the players to keep up on school work.  We will have a voluntary no-cost conditioning and skills training program during the month of June to get the players ready for the football season.

When and where do you practice?

Our practice field is located at 1600 Singer Rd, Joppa, MD 21085.  We start practicing on August 2, 2021 from 6-8 pm. 

-Middle School - For middle school the practices are Monday, Tuesday and Friday for weeks without a game.  For weeks with a game, middle school practices Monday and Tuesday.  

-High School - For high school the practices are always Monday, Tuesday and Friday (Saturday is also a practice day until games start)

What is the cost to play on the team?

We believe that God has not only given Revolution-Football the vision but will also provide the “provision.”  Therefore, there is no cost to join the Revolution-Football team.  We have prayed for God’s provision to take care of the costs for the equipment and the season.  We know God is faithful and will provide the funds needed.  Revolution-Football was set up as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization so contributions are deductible for those interested in supporting the program.   We believe that anyone who wants to play football should be able to regardless of cost. 

Are there opportunities for Parents, Grandparents or other family members to help?

Absolutely.  We believe God gives us all unique skills and hope to utilize your skills to help provide an awesome season for the team.  Please let us know you want to help and we will work with you to get you involved with helping the team.   I have found over the years that volunteering for my children's sports teams has been such a blessing.  

Do the coaches yell and scream at the players?

We are here to train, teach and develop the players on the proper way to play football.  We are not there to intimidate, bully or harass the players.  We are there to build leaders and a strong unified team.  We are there to have fun.  Mostly, we are there to give God the Glory.  Yelling and screaming at players does not help to advance those goals!

More FAQ's to come...

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